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I’m at TIFF 2012, for the 14th year in a row, and there’s more crazed, frenziedness than ever. AND NEWS, TOO! Oscar news! Fox Searchlight is putting Helen Hunt in the Supporting Category for what is really a lead performance in “The Sessions.”!?! I felt sure the line-up would be Marion Cotillard for “Rust and Bone” which I saw yesterday at 8:45am!

Here you have to get up at 5:30am in the morning on some days or you’re just lost!

And continuing on, Helen Hunt in “Sessions” which now going to  be campaigned in Supporting by Fox Searchlight, who is running Qu’venzhane Wallis as Best Actress for sure. We knew that.

But also, NEWSFLASH, Dame Judi Dench for HER beautiful portrayal in the box-office bonanze from the spring “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”! And THAT IS a lead performance.

And also we have Anne Dowd from “Compliance” which everyone up here is like wha-? They’re not getting “Compliance” up here at TIFF.

But what they ARE getting is Keira Knightley’s beautiful “Anna Karenina.” If it’s two previous winners, say Dame Judi and Maid Marion, Qu’venzhane, who will be 9 when the Oscars roll around, and Ann Dowd, I think the bravura Career Best of Keira who has never won would be the winner in that pack. Pack? It’s a bevy of beauties of all ages, and races!

I saw “Rust and Bone”, “Anna Karenina” and “The Sessions” all yesterday and today! My mind is just blown by the quality and quantity of these great roles for great actresses! TIFF rules as always…

And on the other side of the fence, easily the most anticipated film “The Master” is something that I am unfortunately not going to fit into my schedule! Unbelievable, but true.

Word on Joaquin Phonenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman is terrific, but divided on the film. I’m only here until Tuesday morning traveling back to New York on my dearly beloved Amtrak…Just a train lover at heart, what am I to do?

My new cell phone didn’t work up north here, so thank GOD I’ve got my trusty new little Acer and I’ve figured out how to type on it without deleting everything!



Comments on: "At TIFF ’12 ~ Breaking Oscar News! Helen H. goes Supporting! Judi Dench in lead!" (2)

  1. Stephen – I spotted you in a panning video Jeff Wells took from TIFF which he posted on his site! Keep blogging! Love hearing your Oscar thoughts.

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