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Oscar the Grouch, Jeffrey Wells of www.hollywood-elsewhere.com really slammed Oscar Goddess Sasha Stone of www.awardsdaily.com on his always-interesting-to-read-and-get-angry-bout website, but knocking her in a very disrespectful way about her “Avengers” article/piece which I already posted about a couple of days ago.

He’s says Awful! at her P.O.V. that you have to now consider “Avengers” as an Oscar candidate because it’s made so much money. And if they do that “Nominated Because They Got the Most #1 Votes” scenario like they did last year, which yielded surprises like “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, yes, it’s Anything Day Happen Day, like on the Olde Mickey Mouse Club. (I think it was Wednesdays.) Sasha calls it “the herding cats” syndrome, and I can’t get that image or phrase out of my mind. It’s stuck. It sticks like all great new-word coin-age should stick.

What does that mean EXACTLY? Well, I think it goes to the Studio involved, in this case Disney, and do they have enough Academy Voters to put “The Avengers” at #1 on their ballots. And yes, they actually do.

So like it or not, Jeff Wells, this is a distinct possibility. But with two other blockbusters coming up, tomorrow “Prometheus” and in July Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” there’s a chance that they may knock “The Avengers” out of it. But will either of them make more money? IDK.

Comments on: "“Avengers” Oscar Throw Down!" (2)

  1. If the Oscars were to put The Avengers in the Best Picture race it would reduce the importance of the award for me. There are going to be a lot of movies released between now and awards time, so I’m holding out for some of my hopefuls to pull through.

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