a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

So Feb.26 is coming fast upon us, ladies and gentle-persons, and on Oscar Night all will be decided. The major precursor awards are all handed out. And it sure looks like a done-deal for “The Artist”, Michel Hazanaviscius and also, too for Jean Dujardin, who has just headed back to France, where he in all probability will win their Oscar called the Cesar for Best Actor! How many more awards will this wonderful guy win? Probably a lifetime of them. His talent which burst like the sun upon the world in May in Cannes, where he also won THEIR Best Actor award. It seems to just not stop.

George Clooney, I still maintain, could get a consolation screenplay (adapted) prize for his produced/directed/starring turn in “The Ides of March.” But otherwise, “The Artist” is sweeping you off the floor, George. Get used to it.

And Best Actress? Well, it’s SUCH a dead heat between Meryl Streep for “The Iron Lady” and Viola Davis for “The Help” that even the brilliant Stu Van Airsdale at www.movieline.com has them both in a tie on his great Oscar Index.  If even HE is confused….then where does that put the rest of us?

I still say in Michelle Williams’ beautiful hands.

With even St. Anne Thompson changing her mind from George to Jean this week at her great next-to-last podcast of Oscar Talk at www.indiewire.com Anne does sneak in the reference “Don’t forget about the steak-eaters…” which her co-host demurely side-steps. “It’s a factor” Anne ads…but goes no further.

She calls them Steak-eaters. I call them the S.W.O.R.M. (straight white old rich men) who do form the bulk of the academy.

Which could hand the Best Actress win to Michelle. Over the over 45 ladies “In Contention.”

But when ONLY the Best Actress race is really up in the air, that’s a very solid win for “The Artist” which is poised to sweep. “How many?” asks Anne, and you, yourselves, dear readers, dear cineastes? Well, BP, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Score, which is what “The King’s Speech” got, the amount being four. But I do think because of the Degree of Difficulty it will also score in the technicals being Black and White Cinematography at its’ best.

It’s not long now. I’ll keep you posted. Voting, BTW, closes FINALLY on Tues.

Also, you can see me live and in person doing my Oscar Predictions tonight on Ch.56 on Time Warner Cable in Manhattan at midnight and on Ch.83 on RCN and Fios on Ch.34 at the same time, midnight! You can also see it right now on www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow


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