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The Golden Globes SUDDENLY came alive in the last half hour when the big awards were given out, and “The Artist” won Best Comedy/Musical and Best Actor Jean Dujardin! Michelle Williams also won Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for her beautiful performance as Marilyn Monroe in “My Week with Marilyn.”

Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein Co. had a very big night because all these films were his! And Meryl Streep won for Best Actress for “The Iron Lady.” Which was also a TWC movie!

I was DEEEE-lighted with Jean Dujardin’s win and his absolutely disarming,charming, funny acceptance speech in his heavily French-accented English. He had a written speech on a small piece of paper that he referred to so that he didn’t say something in French that the public might not understand, then he ended with saying he was going to quote Douglas Fairbanks and then did it IN SILENCE! Mouthing the words, then winking at the audience and flexing his muscle as Fairbanks certainly would’ve! He brought down the house! Some people thought he, too, was being bleeped, but NO, he was MIMING! HI-larious!

Ludovic Bource who won for Best Score for “The Artist” began his acceptance speech with “I’m French” then also read from a small white piece of paper.

Thomas Langham, the producer of “The Artist”, who accepted the Best Musical/Comedy, referenced his late father, French cinema great Claude Berri.

“Midnight in Paris” won Best Screenplay and of course Woody Allen was not there to accept. So that’s all it got…

So all in all, it was a very French night at the Golden Globes, or l’Orbs d’Or.I think.

And I was actually glad that Meryl Streep won for Best Actress in a Drama. If only for her breaking that AwardsQuartetLockstep that has made the Oscars, etc. SO DULL and PREDICTABLE the past two years.  IOW, after this you can’t say that the same FOUR people keep winning over and over and over. And it renders that infamously EARLY EW cover INACCURATE! How embarrassing!

At least Meryl’s win was a surprise, especially to her. She forgot her glasses! We also saw some one, her husband, I guess, finding the glasses, and was trying to hand them to one celebrity after another as everyone tried to pass them to Meryl on the stage,and I guess said something unprintable, because a large portion of her speech, got bleeped! One would only expect that to happen to Ricky Gervais. For the record, I think Meryl’s glasses only made it up to David Fincher’s table.

Ricky, bless his heart, was back. But in a much milder form than last year. These awards shows can get so DULL that one really does welcome his irreverence. The most shocking thing he did was mentioning Melissa McCarthy’s “defecating in a sink” in “Bridesmaids” and then she had to come out immediately after to present an award, and she looked like she was in tears!

That pretty much kills her Oscar chances except for the fact that the Academy’s Voting Members had to have their nominations ballots in by Friday at 5pm. So IOW whatever happens on the Globes is sort of irrelevant as far as influencing the Oscar nominations are concerned. These awards could influence the AWARDS themselves which are more than a month and a half away! Oy vay!

The Globes also help to remind Oscarologists of just who got nominated for what in the Supporting categories, which are more confusing than ever this year. But the winners were the same. Christopher Plummer for “Beginners”, which happened right at the beginning of the show. And Octavia Spencer for “The Help” which also happened at the BFCA. Best Actress winner of that night Viola Davis did not repeat.

And I guess the Hollywood Foreign Press didn’t like “The Help” as much as the American critics group did. Since Spencer’s win was the only award “The Help” got.

Meryl really did give a glorious acceptance speech, however, and utterly charmed me into her corner.

And Harvey W. having both Michelle AND Meryl!! He looked VERY happy!But not as happy as Jean Dujardin looked!

Michelle was very demure and not Marilyn-esque at all, starting with
“I’m a Mom” and going on and on for most of her speech about her daughter (by the late Heath Ledger.) She didn’t mention Matilda by name, but it was moving nonetheless.

Williams only referenced Marilyn once, and of course, that is the clip all the news shows are using, saying that it was “a great honor to accept this award that Marilyn Monroe won sixty years ago.” Wow!

Martin Scorsese won Best Director something I don’t think he expected for “Hugo.” He also seemed unprepared and was just rattling off an INCREDIBLY long laundry list of names, but I’m glad he did get Thelma Schoonmaker, his legendary editor, in there at the end.

“The Descendants” got two awards George Clooney for Best Actor Drama, who seemed tired. And hence boring. And it also got “Best Picture” Drama. Clooney looked defeated as he had witnessed Jean Dujardin wowing the crowd only moments earlier.

Jean Dujardin looked soooo genuinely happy, it was infectious! It was genuine delight, like the movie “The Artist” is…

And it reminded the audience that if they loved the movie it was mainly Dujardin’s great performance that made it so funny and memorable and yes, moving. He made you CARE about George Valentine, and then when it won Best Picture he brought Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier that all but steals the movie out from under everyone, and Uggie upstaged EVERYone AGAIN, by jumping up and down and the audience let out a collective “Awwww!” and laughed and applauded.

Just as I think they will on Oscar night!

Comments on: "Golden Globes Winners! “The Artist”! Jean Dujardin! Michelle Williams!" (8)

  1. Stephan
    I want to share that happiness for Williams and Dujardin’s with you because no one seems to care for their victory.

    I hope this wins can transcend into Oscar night.

    Honestly, I dont have much hope. Just like for the sag coming up, the critics is predicting Davis for the win again since they are under “The Help” spells but I am not sure about the actor’s branch. I would be happy if Streep takes it, at least it was greater brilliant performance than Davis. Just like Williams she holds the movie by herself.

    I am soooooo saddened that pit lose to mr. Overrated charming clonney.

  2. By the way, I am tired of those critics bashing Williams and the movie especially guy lodge from incontention. Thankfully I found your site.

  3. Dont worry S Chen, we are on the same boat.

    I am thrilled with Michelle’s win and super happy her speech went well. If this is the only award she ends up with, I would still be happy for her.

    Stephen, I liked Meryl’s speech but was a bit embarrassed for Tilda whom she called Gilda, haha. 🙂 Anyway, she must have thought Michelle was in the same category because she mentioned her twice!

    Among the losers, Glenn Close, Charlize and Tilda were pure class. And how cute was Jodie Foster?

    Anyway, congrats to all the winners.

    I wish the show had more Ricky Gervais though.

    • Dear Erica,

      I find myself once again totally agreeing with your astute comments! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Well, Meryl did give the speech of speeches and I certainly agree with her postition on their not being good parts for women, usually, and then WHOMP! This year there really are so many! I mean, I think it’s great that she said that.

      And also her mentioning Michelle more than once, even though they are not in the same category NOW, but they were both nominated for SAG, and will also probably be nominated for the Best Actress Oscar and she knows that Michelle is really her biggest threat there, not Viola. IMHO.

      Did she really call Tilda “Gilda”?!? I missed that. Lol…

  4. Oh Stephen, Thank God I have you, the expert movie-ologist, to sort through all the main characters and give insightful commentary. I was genuinely happy for Meryl. It was definitely a surprise after all the tepid reviews of “The Iron Lady”. But she is exceptional, in every role, and I can’t understand why this lady doesn’t have 10 oscars by now compared to the two she has. She should at least be tied with Hepburn (another one I adore) with 4.

    Clooney is good, but not great. But, I think he’s a Hollywood favorite, thus the attention. I didn’t think Michelle Williams would get anything for the Marilyn role because I heard negative press about that movie. So she must have really been good. Of course, I rely so much on your take because you have viewed all of these.

    I was saddened that “Boardwalk Empire” was overlooked since I thought this past season trumped the first season. Plus I love Buscemi in the role. Ah well, at least they recognized Scorsese, who had been sinfully ignored by the Oscars for years.

    And what is with HW? He has a knack for picking winners. Is it all his wisdom or is there a well paid board of advisors? If anyone knows, it’s Stephen Holt!

    I will be checking in to see your take on the Oscars. Always informative and interesting.

    yours, Kevin

    • Dear Kevin,

      Great to hear from you again! And thank you so much for your kind, intelligent words. “My Week With Marilyn” was my number one movie this year. It’s also got the most BAFTA Long List mentions. 16 or something high like that. And Harvey? Well, he’s been doing this since the beginning of his career. His obsession with the Oscars, his fascination with them, is the same as yours, and mine. So really all you have to think is “What would I do?” and that’s what Harvey most likely would do, also. He’s got two of the three Best Actress probable winners and for sure nominees with Meryl and Michelle.

      And just watch “Marilyn” win at the BAFTAS! They do influence the Oscars. Shortly the BAFTAS will announce their SHORT list, and those nominations will clarify things even further.

      Harvey Weinstein has great taste and makes great movies. Movies that I like(most of the time) and movies that the ACADEMY REALLY likes. Like “King’s Speech” last year. Where would a film like “The Artist” be without his support? And Sasha Stone has a saying “Never underestimate Harvey Weinstein.”

      And he’s still got “Coriolanus” up his sleeve, too!

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