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The absolutely charming and funny interviews it was my privilege to do with the Oscar seeking stars of “The Artist” Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejos and their supremely talented director Michel Hazanaviscius as well as American actress Penelope Anne Miller are all up now on my You Tube Channel at www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow

It was incredibly exciting talking to them all, especially the suave French charmer Jean Dujardin! When he speaks in French, mon dieu! It was all I could do to keep from melting like an ice-cube in the heat of the Gallic sun! Sacre bleu! I kept trying to think who he reminded me of. I kept wracking my brains and finally it hit me! He’s like Clark Gable. He’s the new Clark Gable!

I really do feel he is going to best George Clooney for Best Actor. George already has an Oscar, let’s not forget. And the Academy never forgets. For “Syriana” a few years back and it was for Supporting.

And Clark Gable won his first and only Oscar for a comedy! “It Happened One Night” back at the very beginning of his career, in the ’30s.

I think Stu Van Airsdale has Jean Dujardin in his number one spot now on his Oscar Index at www.movieline.com and David Poland has said vis-a-vis George in “The Descendants” “We’ve seen this before.” David is at www.moviecitynews.com mais oui.

What Jean has got going for him is that he’s NEW. And that incredible sense of humor! And it’s very unusual to find a tall, dark and handsome leading man who is also hilarious, in whatever language he’s speaking. Jean’s a riot in the interview with me. He just can’t stop being all ’round entertaining! AND he tap dances!

“The Artist” is open now and the raves are piling in and I hope the audiences do, too. It’s a delight.

And I’m delighted to use the word “delight” so many times in one article! But that’s what “The Artist” is! Deeee-lightful!

And for Berenice Bejos, her chances in Best Supporting Actress, keep growing every day! Aussi, elle est merveilleuse!

Comments on: "Oscar-seeking “The Artist” interviews now up on You Tube!" (1)

  1. I believe that The Artist will do a Life is Beautiful and award it with Actor, Director. Also Best Film. 🙂 Obviously, I agree with your major predictions a lot.

    What do you think of Redgrave’s chances?

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