a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

More and more the Oscar race reveals itself. Every day it is more and more like Auntie Mame’s Upsom Downs. “Sounds like a race track!” said Auntie M. And it IS!

Today “The Descandants” has just opened to tumultuous acclaim. Except for a few. Like Stephanie Z. at www.movieline.com

And of course, you can follow Stu Van Arsdale’s hilarious Oscar Index! Upsom Downs personified! And those bobble heads of Stu’s keep moving! And this week it’s all about The Descendants ascendance. And yes, it, and George are the first placers on Stu’s great chart. As they both are at David Poland’s Gurus o’ Gold at www.moviecitynews.com. But I wonder…only ONE tiny point separates it on the GOG from yes, you guessed it, “The Artist.”

Me, as you know, I thought “The Descendants” was very well done, but VERY depressing.

It revolves around George Clooney’s (unfaithful) wife who is in a coma for nearly the entire movie and her horrifying visage and the various stages of decaying deformity she goes through, are the main image you take away from this film, not Gorgeous George’s gorgeousness.

And dashing and movie star handsome, he remains, though in “The Descendants” he is playing a cuckold. In Hawaii, yet.

And there’s the rub. What woman on EARTH, never mind Hawaii, would cheat on the most beautiful man in the world,who is also one of the richest lawyers on Hawaii, where the film is so magnificently set. REALLY?

So, yeah, there is this little believability problem. PLUS director/screenwriter Alexander Payne never lets us forget the image of the once beautiful, now horrible- looking woman in the coma. No matter how many laughs he’s milking out of this improbable situation.

HOWEVER, the critical masses have deigned it WONDROUS! And that leads to many pull quotes for the many, many ads that will be coming our way just about NOW!

More than ever I’m hearing about “The Artist,” however. ALL THE TIME the drumbeat continues. As you know, I loved it. But haven’t seen it since its’ rapturous screening at the Montreal Film Festival. See my article on same archived at www.awardsdaily.com

It’s incredible that this little BLACK AND WHITE AND SILENT film comedy could’ve come through EVERY SINGLE FILM FESTIVAL since then with the chorus of “Bravos” never diminishing.

It will be VERY interesting to see not how the critical bodies will react to “The Artist.” We know. They’ll love it. But will they love it more than they love “The Descendants?” And more importantly will people come to see a)The Depressing Movie about The Woman in the Coma or b) a BLACK AND WHITE FILM WITHOUT SOUND?

We shall soon see.

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