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I’m utterly astonished! And also very glad. For Jeffrey. Talk about hair-brained schemes! But this one had hair on it, obviously, and it worked! It worked! See, my Oscar blogging colleague Jeffrey Wells of the must-read website www.hollywood-elsewhere.com had this idea that since a film he and Oscar Goddess Sasha Stone loved a lot, but which I haven’t seen yet, called “Tyrannosaur”, was not getting screened in a timely fashion for Oscar consideration, he was going to try to raise $2000 via pay pal on his site. AND HE DID!!!


Sasha wrote that the last chunka change that was needed was gifted by an anonymous donor, but anyway, Jeffrey has now done the thing he’ll be famous for for the rest of his online life, one way or the other, he did the impossible.

It’s a little complicated to convey the ins and the outs quickly and briefly, but “Tyrranosuar” was this same, low-budget indie about a battered wife in the slums of Northern England. An unknown middle-aged actress named Olivia Coleman is the object of all this hullabaloo, and she did just win the Best Actress award from the Chicago film critics.

Sasha is thrilled for Jeffrey who is her podcast partner now at www.awardsdaily.com but she’s just commenting all this, and is not the anonymous donor. Neither she nor I could afford it. Screening rooms in L.A. for the cognoscenti are expensive, especially at this time of year, and Jeffrey hopes that this valiant (some would say foolhardy)act of well, press agentry, is unheard of.

Trying to influence Oscar voters? Are they going to come to this? AMPAS voters I mean. Are they main stream critics gonna cover this? The ones that count? Well,yes, this is big news in the blogosphere and you can be sure it’s going to get Jeffrey a lot of internet hits for his site, and maybe the most he’s ever gotten in this LIFE! But come on. The SERIOUS Academy members? The VERY serious Academy members? Maybe actresses of un age certain who are SAG members, but this doesn’t sound like a movie that the males in the mix, who dominate are going to rush out to see.

And as Sasha points out Best Actress is practically a locked up category at the moment ALREADY. I mean, you have the always-reserved, sight-unseen, obligatory Meryl Streep slot for “Iron Lady” which is a Weinstein film. You have the one I think is the probable winner Michelle Williams’ stunning “My Week with Marilyn” You have Viola Davis in “The Help” IF she is put in this category and not Supporting and you have sez Sasha Glenn Close in “Albert Nobbs”, playing a man, and you have a fifth slot with Sasha thinks Tilda Swinton in “We’ve Got to Talk About Kevin” which the formidable Cynthia Swartz is now repping.

You’ve also got on the outside, Rooney Mara in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, the American remake of the highly acclaimed Swedish film, and there’s rising star 21-year-old Olsen Twins younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen in “Martha Marcy May Marlene.”

And Jeffrey’s going to get a totally unknown, middle-aged British actress Olivia Coleman into THIS group?????

I don’t think so.

As Sasha pointed out, SOMEBODY has to go. And with Glenn Close being repped by Falco Ink in NYC and they’re also the press agents for “Tyrannosaur”…..they’re in a pretty prickly situation with this unheard of feat of Jeffrey’s.

But good on him for doing the impossible. Win, lose or nominate. You have to say about Jeffrey Wells, who resides in L.A., as does Sasha, and most of the movie business, he’s doing it HIS WAY.

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  1. Who did you pay to do your blog? Its really nicely designed I bet that is why you get so much traffic!

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