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The heat continues…

It’s not in the triple digits now. Just “hovering around 90” as the weather gal just put it…Your body begins to get used to these rotten temperatures. Me, I try to stay inside and hide in the air-conditioning. Being a film critic this is easy for me to do and motivates me to go to more screenings. Some of my colleagues see movies non-stop. Me. I have to stop. I have to take breaks.

At film festivals, like the two Canadian biggies coming up, Montreal and Toronto, you DO have to see many, many movies. As many as possible.

And then you look forward to the breaks in between films.

And Canada, well, Canada beckons at this time of year. It’s got to be cooler up there, right?

Although last year, I left a sweltering New York and arrived in a VERY hot Montreal. I was shocked. Everybody was hiding in the air-conditioning up there, too.

But the air was dryer. Not humid, like it usually is in New York.


Comments on: "The heat continues…" (1)

  1. I don’t want to frighten you but… it’s probably even hotter up here in Toronto this summer than it is in New York. Hopefully it’ll cool down for your arrival in September, of course.

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