a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

So, BANG! The theater awards season is now officially off and running with the Outer Critics Circle Nominations announcing this morning. And “Sister Act” is the show that got the most nods. Which surprised me. I’m seeing it tomorrow night.

Tony Sheldon got nominated in the lead for “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and his two terrific co-stars did not. He won’t win, however. Daniel Radcliffe will. For “How to Succeed…”

There’s so much still to see, and when the Drama Desk Nominations come out on Friday morning, then I REALLY get busy. I have to play catch up and see everything they nominate, if I can between the time they are announced and when their voting closes on May 18. Being a Voting Member of the Drama Desk is a very important thing, and I take it very seriously.

The DDs don’t always mirror the Outer Critics, but there is an overlap. But it gives you a guide to what you MUST see. And second place nomination count gatherer “Anything Goes!” is still on my To-Do list. Looking forward to that.

And I was delighted that Bobby Cannavale, whom I just interviewed for my TV show for “Motherfucker with the Hat”, did get nominated for Best Actor in a Play. I bet he repeats in the DDs and also the Tonys, which announce NEXT TUESDAY! Yikes!

I was also happy to see Evan Jonigkeit, who played the gay druggie in the now closed “High”, turn up as Best Featured Actor in a Play.

“War Horse” is nominated all over the place, too. And as Albert Narracott, the young keeper of the horse, Joey, Seth Numrich finds himself nominated in Best Featured Actor in a Play as well. I love BOTH “War Horse” AND “The Motherfucker with the Hat”, and they are both competing against each other in the Best Play category, too! Decisions, decisions. And I think this will repeat in the other awards that are coming up fast.

More theater news every day, so stay tuned! And I’ll let you know when Bobby Cannavale’s interview posts on my YouTube channel!

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