a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Just as I have been predicting for months! HELENA BONHAM-CARTER just won the BAFTA AWARD for Best Supporting Actress!!!!!!

Can’t wait to see her acceptance speech! Which will be up on You Tube or SOMEWHERE later today! I’ll let you know where…

This strengthens her Oscar chances IMMEASURABLY and doesn’t help Amy Adams’ who was the only actress to also be nominated in this category for the Oscars.

This what happened with Tilda Swinton, too. She won here, in a surprise, then won the Oscars three years back.

Congratulations HELENA! I knew it was always going to be you!

I mean, when the Queen of England says she likes your portrayal of her beloved late Mother, who we knew as the Queen Mum…WELLLL!

It’s a done deal! This makes me VERY happy!

Comments on: "Helena Bonham-Carter wins BAFTA Best Supporting Actress!!!" (3)

  1. Stephen, Lucire has Helena’s post-show speech, but not her acceptance one, if that is of interest:


    • Dear Jack,

      Thank you so much for this marvelous link to Helena’s fun BAFTA videos! I really appreciate! The weather looked horrible! All the gignantic umbrellas! I’ve never seen such umbrellas! And FINALLY there’s something visual on this blog! I so tech-tarded. I’m so new with this eventually I’ll figure out how to do it!

      And Helena really rocked! I sure hope she wins the Oscar! She COULD!

      • Hi Stephen: you are very welcome! From what I can figure out, you can click ‘Share’ on the video, then ‘Copy’ in the new window that pops up. I hope she will win the Oscar, too!

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