a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

As I am frantically preparing to actually go SEE Geoffrey Rush tonight at a Special Event here in NYC, he wins the BAFTA! For Best Supporting Actor! Over Christian Bale! And Natalie Portman wins over Annette Bening! And of course Colin Firth wins Best Actor and the King’s Speech wins TWO Best Picture Awards! Best Film and Best Feature Film!

And David Fincher won Best Director for “The Joy of Typing.” Uh-oh!

TTFN. Which is British slang for Ta-Ta for Now! Must Bip!

Comments on: "Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth & 2 Best Picture Awards for the “King”!" (2)

    • Thank you! Imagine equating Tom Hooper’s direction with a colonoscopy! I love it! Oh, that Colin! Only the King of “King’s” could get away with an anology like that!

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