a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Melissa is getting more publicity than she’s ever gotten in her life. But it’s all on-line.

Melissa Who?

Melissa Leo of course the former Oscar Frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress turned now Oscar Scan-doll of the Year.

Has this hurt her Oscar chances? Even Scott Feinberg, in his valiant defense of his friend on his website www.ScottFeinberg.com admits, in the article, that he thinks she’s blown it.

David Poland in his Hot Blog at www.moviecitynews.com says “Melissa screwed up.”

And it continues…in a formerly locked-down race Melissa Leo by taking out those faux fur glamour ads for herself, has roiled the waters to a remarkable extent. She’s taken a stand, for sure, against ageism…which OF COURSE exists…but…wouldn’t she rather have had an Oscar?

And in the television coverage of the Oscar Nominee Luncheon yesterday, we saw Hailee S. giggling. We saw Natalie Portman in her podium moment. We saw Colin Firth flash by and of course, co-host multi-tasking James Franco was there. THEN E! had its’ poolside interview moments. Jennifer Lawrence got her several sentences of chat. And she looked stunning, and had absolutely NOTHING to say. Always a sure-fire vote-getter in Hollywood. It’s not her year. But she looked great! She also looks great on Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue Cover(she’s inside just after the first fold).

Geoffrey Rush even got a pool-side chat. As did Amy Adams(Melissa’s co-nominee and co-star of “The Fighter”) who seemed more than happy to talk about her fiance and her baby by the pool. Then there even was Helena Bonham-Carter! And she’s 46! But she also looked fab and talked up a storm, making a very positive impression. Harvey made sure all his “King’s Speech”ers got their five-to-seven moments on camera.

But where was Melissa? Nowhere to been seen…and I was looking for her…

You’d think  that with all the controversy she has no stirred up with those now-infamous self ad-buys, you’d think they’d want to talk to her MORE THAN EVER…

Except they didn’t…:(

Comments on: "Oscar Nominee Luncheon TV coverage. No Melissa anywhere :(" (1)

  1. Stephen,
    Nowhere in my post did I indicate that Melissa “has blown it,” because I do not believe that she has.
    I do, however, find it very distasteful that you, as someone who claims to be an admirer of hers, are writing disparagingly about her anywhere and everywhere that you can.
    Scott Feinberg

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