a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

I feel so awful for Melissa Leo. This situation just keeps getting worse and worse and at the worse time possible, right in the middle of the Oscar campaign season, i. e. the voting itself. Which is going on right now.

It’s one thing to take out personal ads. A move, it must be said that has won NO ONE an Oscar doing it.

It’s gotten people nominations, but it’s never gotten anyone an Oscar win.

Sally Kirkland’s name keeps being brought up, and yes, there is a resemblance. Sally’s own self-financed Oscar ads for “Anna” a great film, that was a teeny tiny indie that started at the Montreal Film Festival in 1987 did lead to her getting a nomination for the Best Actress Oscar, then the Golden Globe, which she one for Best Actress, Drama. But she lost the Oscar to Cher. Sally was roughly Melissa’s age, and “Anna” was her only Oscar chance. She never had a shot like that again. And I know Sally. She never got over this loss.

Melissa Leo was in a completely different position this year being the front runner in the Best Supporting Actress category. And having won the Broadcast Film Critics, then the Golden Globe, then the SAG awards all in that category. She seemes unstoppable until she took out those self-bought ads.

People think they’re tacky. But Melissa is even more beautiful than those ads. They were a bit “Dynasty”-esque…but the point is Who told her to do this? Where was her management? Did she have a personal publicist who TOLD her to do this? If so, WHO WAS THIS IDIOT!?!

But I maintain that it wasn’t just the ads, it’s what she then started saying to of all people Nicki Finke’s www.deadlinehollywood.com via Pete Hammond. That article really did her in. Why? Because the ads and this Hammond/Finke rant blindsided Paramount, who is the distributor of “The Fighter.”

And then she says it all over again to The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Appello. www.hollywoodreporter.com

Read it and weep.

I totally sympathesize with her personally. She’s 50. The same age, BTW as Best Actor Frontrunner, Colin Firth(the King of “King’s Speech”) and she can’t get a magazine cover. In fact, she’s not even PICTURED or MENTIONED in Vanity Fair’s must-buy Hollywood Issue.

Hailee Steinfeld gets a paired color PAGE, paired with Elle Fanning, under the headline “The Old Souls”. Helena Bonham-Carter gets a whole page to herself, looking quite bananas, but then that’s her thing these days evidently. But she can get away with it. She’s British. She’s eccentric.

But the most shocking reaction to this is the speed with which Paramount yanked their “Fighter” ads, which DID feature Melissa as heavily as they featured Christian Bale, who, sorry to say, is the frontrunner in Best Supporting Actor.

Christian is no walk-in-the-park in terms of his relationship with the press. But at this moment Melissa-gate is making him look like Bambi.

So then last night, the ads made a sudden re-appearance, withOUT Melissa!?!?! But WITH Christian!!! IOW, Paramount cut her out of their own pictures promotion!!!

Paramount, meanwhile, to those not paying attention to this sort of thing, Paramount has THREE of the Best Supporting Actress nominees out of five this year. Hailee Steinfeld from “True Grit” and ALSO Amy Adams from “The Fighter.” The other two nominees are Helena Bonham-Carter for “The King’s Speech” and Jackie Weaver from “The Animal Kingdom.”

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