a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

This coming Feb.27, a mere 20 days from now, it will be Oscar’s Big Night. And what a long night that usually is! But for those impatient to know what’s going to happen around midnight, the time the most important awards will be given out…

An early clue will be in categories given out at the beginning of the show. Like Best Supporting Actor, AND of all things, SOUND MIXING. If Geoffrey Rush upsets Christian Bale (and I sure hope he does), right at the start of the show, then LOOK OUT for a “King’s Speech” tsunami! SWWEEEP! But if that DOESN’T happen and Bale does win as expected, the next key early award will be of the unlikely category Sound Mixing, which “The King’s Speech” was nominated for unexpectedly, against the usual block-busters and spell effects laden films.

The strongest competition for Oscars AGAINST “The King’s Speech” are in the two hotly contested categories Best Supporting Actor and Actress…I HOPE TKS doesn’t lose BOTH.

But Christian Bale is a formidable opponent, and people may want to give “The Fighter” SOMEthing, and it really may not win anything else.

Since Melissa Leo just upset her own Oscar apple-cart by taking out her own For Your Consideration ads HERSELF, she may have inadvertently handed the Oscar to either her co-star Amy Adams or the third Paramount nominee, the increasingly popular Hailee Steinfeld.

I’ve had to type her name so much recently I’ve had to learn how to spell it.

Then of course, there’s the all important Film Editing Award. Oscar Goddess Sasha Stone has discovered that Best Picture ALWAYS comes with BEST FILM EDITING. So that’s another early-in-the-evening indicator.

Even EARLIER this Sunday’s the BAFTAS in London! In Supp. there, there’s no Melissa Leo and no Hailee Steinfeld. But there IS Amy Adams v. Helena Bonham-Carter! And watch the good queen mum wins that one! HB-C   WTF!

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