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Tom Hooper, the winner of last night’s DGA award for Best Director for a Feature Film, for “The King’s Speech” has all but clinched the winning streak that has now become I guess you could say the Royal Flush of the Oscars.

For those of you who don’t follow this as avidly as I do, the Director’s Guild win is almost ALWAYS what wins the Best Director Oscar also.

And whoever wins the Best Director Oscar will also most probably win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Things are looking very rosy for TKS this morning. Hollywood time.

Hollywood time is now Oscar time, esp. at this time of year and on top of all this hoopla there’s the SAG Awards tonight.

With this winning streak which equals MOMENTUM, “The King’s Speech” will very probably win the SAG Best Ensemble Award, which is the Screen Actor’s Guild Award equivalent of their Best Picture.

And how has this changed the Oscar race? Well, Oscar goddess Sasha Stone called this as noted a post or two back. And now she, the Oracle of Delphi of Oscar predictors, is saying that she sees an Oscar SWEEEEP happening for “The King’s Speech.” It got TWELVE nominations this past Tuesday, which now seems like AGES ago.

It’s very, very exciting when things change so radically and so suddenly. Sasha is even predicting that Geoffrey Rush will trounce Christian Bale tonight! And you all know that I HOPE HE DOES!

What you may not know that G. Rush(you can see me interviewing him, and Hooper and the pre-ordained Best Actor winner Colin Firth[who’s been winning everything under the sun] on www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow) is that he was also one of the main producers on TKS. He was literally the driving force behind it being turned into a movie.

And last night, just FYI, Rush jumped to THIRD place on my You Tube hit-getter chart. Colin Firth is number one and the lovely Marion Cotillard is STILL #2. That’s my pre-Oscar interview with Marion for “La Vie En Rose” in May of that year, when she first landed on our shores. This is one the private statistical graphs and charts that each You Tube User has. It’s very telling!

So that shows me that TKS sweep is even reaching as far as my You Tube channel! Talk about a grass-roots ground-swell!

But seriously folks…

I just hope this sweeps Helena Bonham-Carter in, too, as Best Supporting Actress tonight at the SAGs!

This win for the affable, polite, soft-spoken and self-effacing Hooper is another indicator that Nice Guys don’t always finish last.

Melina Rysik of the NYTimes, no less. the Carpetbagger of their Oscar blog, tweeted that the minute Hooper’s name was announced David Fincher, who everybody THOUGHT would win, immediately left the Director’s Guild ballroom! Reminding me of when Eddie Murphy fled the Oscar Hall when they announced Allan Arkin as the winner of Best Supporting Actor that year and not Murphy for “Dreamgirls”!

The surprise Producers’ Guild win many in the blogosphere thought of perhaps as a fluke. And that was only THIS PAST SUNDAY! Then Tuesday the 12 nominations more than any other film! But some felt that could be shrugged off, too…Not me, of course, but when someone who’s been SUCH a staunch supporter of “The Joy of Typing”, Sasha Stone predicted Tom Hooper was going to take it, well, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes! www.awardsdaily.com

Then Kris Tapley did, too! www.incontention.com

And well, hallelujah! They (and I ) were all right!

This makes David Fincher, the new Martin Scorcese. There’s an arrogance about that man that is palpable. And for a relative unknown, and a new comer  to the Director’s Guild, Tom Hooper to triumph is just SHOCKING! SHOCKING! I would like someone to do stats on a first time nominee’s winning like this. Has it EVER happened before to someone who is not known first to H’wood? Robert Redford and Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner were known of course as actors But Tom Hooper?

Who the hell IS Tom Hooper? Well, now he is the hottest director on the Planet of Hollywood. And he’s young, but he’s no neophyte. He helmed the Emmy Award-Winning “John Adams” TV mini-series. Garnering its’ stars Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti Best Actress and Best Actor Emmys…

And he directed a British film “The Damned United” which was very well reviewed last year, but not widely seen.

“The King’s Speech” is breaking box office records all over the world, and will continue to. Another prediction. Harvey Weinstein must be SOOOO happy today!

Of course, the SAGS will honor Colin Firth tonight. And if Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter win tonight over favored front-runners Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, well, then we know we’re really in for a “King’s Speech” awards tsunami!

I’m thrilled! Thrilled!

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