a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

With my wonderful brand new interviews with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling for “Blue Valentine” now up on You Tube at ~


these marvelously talented performers, both nominated for Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress, I was inspired to try to find the wonderful phone chat Michelle and I had back Jan. 2006 AFTER she had been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “Brokeback Mountain.” I’ve found it and I’m now trying to post it here.

I wrote it for Oscarwatch.com which is now Awardsdaily.com and it really does lay my and Michelle’s brief history out quite completely.

“Brokeback” of course, changed my life. Needless to say. And the lives of many, many others. And in the interview I was SOOOO convinced(as was Sasha, then and now the webmistress of Oscarwatch/Awardsdaily. Sasha, as in Sasha Stone, of course.) that “Brokeback” would win the Oscar. And of course, it didn’t. It famously, scandalously lost to “Crash” Gay people, all over the world, myself included, have never gotten over that traumatic night, when the homophobia of Hollywood was irrevocably displayed for all the world to see.

“Brokeback” did win Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Score…But no, Michelle didn’t win and Heath didn’t win.

I called my piece “I’ve never been happier!” quoting Michelle on how she felt at this wonderfully hopeful moment in her life, and Sasha came up with the much-better title of the piece “SHE’S Never Been Happier.”

It disappeared along with all the other Oscarwatch.com archives in an upgrade a number of years back. And people have always been asking me about it. And now that Michelle has come back into my life with “Blue Valentine,” I thought I’d go search for it ~ and I found it!

Right now my computer is NOT ,letting me cut and paste it on to WordPress, here. On this blog.

 But check back soon! Because I’ll keep trying!

I certainly hope Michelle gets nominated for Best Actress for the Oscar as I told her she would. And last time I told her, I was right!

And she remembered!

“She’s Never Been Happier!” Stayed tuned!

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