a.k.a. "The Oscar Messenger"

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers, dear cineastes, dear theatregoers! And a few brief postings from Deep Inside Oscarland.

The Academy LOVES “The King’s Speech” Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter.

They LIKE “The Social Network” but LOVE David Fincher. A split vote between Best Picture and Directer here?

Jesse Eisenberg’s nomination is not a sure thing, by any means.

Annette Bening, but NOT Julianne Moore is beloved AT THE MOMENT. But they haven’t screened “Black Swan” for the Academy yet.

They have not even SCHEDULED a screening for “Love and Other Drugs” So that’s a bad.

Michael Douglas’s health is discussed, and his performance in “THE SOLITARY MAN” is much beloved. They all got their screeners for that.

Best Actress is soooo crowded that Sony Pictures Classics has made the mistake of the season by not putting Leslie Manville in Supporting for “Another Year.” Of course, the Academy can put her in any category that they want to.

Julianne Moore’s nomination for “The Kids Are All Right” is not a slam dunk.

But evidently Mark Ruffalo’s IS?!?

“Wall Street” NOT beloved there. Nor is Michael Douglas performance. If anything, he’s going to be nominated for the little seen “Solitary Man.”

They also like “The Fighter.” I think that’s in for a Best Picture nomination. And there’s its’ Supporting Cast is well thought of. I.E. Christian Bale, Melissa Leo and Amy Adams.

Happy Turkey! And as I’ve said on my show, soon going into it’s 23rd continuous year, “Have a fabulous!”

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