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The ailing Sally Hawkins is back on Broadway in her leading role of Vivie Warren in “Mrs. Warren’s Profession.” This is according to the show’s press agents Boneau/Bryan-Brown. “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” which I enjoyed immensely is ending it limited run at the American Airlines Theater at the end of November.

It’s the best show I’ve seen this season on Broadway. Cherry Jones is just grand as Mrs. Warren, and if you want to see Sally Hawkins live, on stage, you’ll enjoy this marvelous production of George Bernard Shaw’s scandalous-for-its time play about a young, well-educated woman(Sally) who has never met her mother, (Cherry) Mrs. Warren, of the title and has no idea about what kind of life she has led. She’s been brought up in British boarding schools her whole life. While Mrs. Warren has lived mostly on the Continent.

When her daughter finds out just what it is her mother does…well, that’s the whole turning point of the play. More on this later.

Comments on: "Sally Hawkins is back in “Mrs. Warren’s Profession”" (6)

  1. Sia Culle said:

    Was Ms. Hawkins ill, and if so, how long was she out for?

    • As far as I know it was just this past weekend’s performances, or so I was told.

      • Sia Culle said:

        Ah, i see. Thanks. I read your blog sort of religiously now, I happened upon it accidently, and what a happy accident it was! I just adore Sally, she’s such a lovely person, not to mention an amazing actress! Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting her in New York after watching a performance of “Mrs. Warren’s Profession”. I can’t say enough good things about it. The reviews weren’t all that great, but the night I went everyone was spot on. Oh, and I’ll be crossing my fingers for you about the interview, everyone should get at least one opportunity to meet Sally. It’s life-altering.

  2. Sia, thank you so much. I wonder if Sally knows how devoted a fan you are! I know her Press Agents read this, so maybe they’ll remember!
    I just started this in early September, so this blog is barely two months old!
    I DID get to meet her in person after the show one night, quite by accident, and she was absolutely disarming! So sweet, and TINY, as you know, in person. I instantly wanted to hug her, and I think I did! I felt immediately protective of her. On screen she seems formidable. Big-boned, overwhelming, powerful, but in person, she’s the exact opposite. As you know.

    • Sia Culle said:

      You know, Stephen, I’m not sure if they do or not. I think she might remember me a little bit (though she knows me by my full name, not my nickname, I think.?.), considering we met roughly three weeks ago.
      Yes, and Sally is exactly as you describe her. She makes you feel like an old chum, like there is no other person in the world she’d rather be talking to. If the U.N. had an Ambassador of Kindness, she’d be perfect for the job.

      • Sia, that’s a very accurate response. She made you immediately feel like a chum. She’s doing “a satellite tour” on Nov.15. It’s one of those media events where she, and this time Miranda Richardson, too, will be with her, where they are sitting in a TV studio and they call me via satellite. I can’t see them. And they can’t see me. They can only hear me. We chat for roughly six minutes or less. Then they send me a tape!
        It’s not ideal, but it works. Most of the time. You can see me interviewing Colin Firth who was in London for “The Single Man” this way. Also Emily Blunt for “The Jane Austin Book Club” on http://www.youtube.com/StephenHoltShow

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